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Are you tired of the infinite messages your lover receives? When you ask him WHO IS? He gives you anwers likeȘ just a friend babe or no answer at all?? Well girls  we’ve all gone through moments like that. You do not have to feel guilty that there are a million applications that offer sex on the tray.
All people have confidence problems, but we have to overcome them one way or another and  look in the partner’s phone has never been forbidden or a taboo thing. Although one of the bases of a relationship is trust. But you can stay and doing nothing when your 6th sense is activated??


Many install WhatsApp as a means to interact with their friends,but also with their mistress and this is the reason why others look for the best method to see another person’s WhatsApp. If you want to see the WhatsApp history record of your boyfriend, then it is possible to find a monitoring tool to spy his WhatsApp account.

Benefits of WhatsApp tracking
There is a big difference between hacking and spying. The first is illegal and is made for incorrect activities; But the control in cell phones of personal relationships or employees becomes a reason to keep track of them. One’s children can be saved from going the wrong way if they are under monitoring.

In conclusion
The tracking tool is the best monitoring solution,  all the multimedia files and conversation will be stored in the remote location. The user can view the chat history at any time and even keep track of it for later use.

Spy on your partner’s phone without installing software on the destination phone.

How to install a spy cell phone without a target device.
We already know that modern spyware for cell phones that can be installed remotely is very powerful. This means that you do not need to get the smartphone you want to spy on, without them knowing.

There are some points to consider if you are trying to use a monitoring application without installing it on the device.


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There are only two official ways of spying on a cell phone without having it.

Install the spy app on the mobile device by email.
If you are trying to catch your spouse cheating, it is easy to take your smartphone if you are in a shower. And if you do not have that opportunity, you can use a special application to spy mobile phones that can be installed by email.

Simply send an image to your spouse and ask them to open it. That’s. The program will be installed immediately and you can easily monitor all actions. This method works if you want to send a direct link to your husband or wife. A person follows the link and installs the application directly on his smartphone.

Spying your boyfriend phone without installing software on the target phone
This method is verry possible and real. It works perfectly only on smartphones with iOS. You don’t need to have your smartphone in your hands. Just find out what is Apple ID and password. The tracking application will work directly with iCloud. Here is how to spy on a cell phone without access:

Find some reviews of several tracking programs to get to the most valuable point for you.
Go to the official website of the software you have chosen.
Register your personal account there and start working on the control panel.
Activate your account and your smartphone with your Apple ID and password.
Begin to monitor the device.
There are three of the most popular and effective smartphone spy applications.

Now let’s review three of the most popular operating systems and their ability to track activity without the installation of any spy app.

mSpy (https://www.mspy.com)
Highster Mobile

for iPhones
spy on your partner’s phone without installing software on the target phone

This operating system only works with Apple products: iPhone and iPad. But there is something more important and special about this system. iCloud is an extremely popular cloud storage, and it opens the way to spy any iPhone and iPad without installing any tracking application.
Just find out the Apple ID and the device user’s password in some way. It will be easier to do it if the gadget belongs to your child, spouse or if it is corporate. You must enable the iCloud backup and register your own account on the official website of the software of your choice. Do not worry about jailbreak. The device may still be in your license.

for Android
spy on the cell phone without installing software on the destination phone With the Android operating system, remote installation is more complicated. It works with several storage in the cloud, but does not activate any monitoring software. The only way to set up a phone monitor without physical contact is to ask the owner to follow the installation link. It can be a difficult task, but it is the only possible way to do it. Some users even simulate representatives of mobile providers to send the installation link to the destination device

How to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone?
It is possible to access text messages from anyone. For this, you don’t necessarily need to install a special spy application on a cell phone of a target person. There is a smarter way to know each SMS that a user sends / receives. The “method” of espionage depends on the telephone you wish to control. When it comes to iOS devices, you can easily spy on text messages without installing software.
For this, you need to know the Apple ID and the password of the cell phone user. With the credentials, you can access all the information stored in the device; Text messages are a part of the data that you can spy. In addition, device synchronization is immediate. Therefore, you will receive each text message at the same time it reaches a user’s phone. Obviously, it is the best way to read someone’s text messages without installing the software on their phone for free.

It’s a little harder to spy on Android mobile phones. They have nothing to do with the storage of data in the cloud, which complicates the situation; However, there is a way out. A good spy option can be the hidden installation of spyware on the target cell phone. To perform the mission, you do not have to touch the device. Send a link for the installation of undetected files, and the user will do everything by himself without understanding what happened.